Send an NFT

This example shows how to send an NFT from one account to another. A transaction script is created and sent using the SendTransaction() method from the PhantasmaLinkClient class.

public void SendNFT()
    if (!PhantasmaLinkClient.Instance.IsLogged) return;

    ScriptBuilder sb = new ScriptBuilder();
    var userAddress = Address.FromText(PhantasmaLinkClient.Instance.Address);
    var toAddress = Address.FromText("P2KKEjZK7AbcKZjuZMsWKKgEjNzeGtr2zBiV7qYJHxNXvUa");
    var symbol = "CROWN";
    var tokenID = new BigInteger("190000000");
    var payload = Base16.Decode("OurDappExample");
    var script = sb.AllowGas(userAddress, Address.Null, PhantasmaLinkClient.Instance.GasPrice, PhantasmaLinkClient.Instance.GasLimit ).
        CallInterop("Runtime.TransferToken", userAddress, toAddress, symbol, tokenID).
    PhantasmaLinkClient.Instance.SendTransaction("main", script, payload, (hash, s) =>
        if ( hash.IsNull )
            Debug.Log("Transaction failed: " + s);
        Debug.Log("Transaction sent: " + hash);

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