Invoke Raw Script

This example shows how to call the blockchain directly to get information using the InvokeRawScript() method from the PhantasmaAPI class. A script is created and encoded before being passed to the method.

public void InvokeRawScript()
    PhantasmaAPI api = new PhantasmaAPI("");
    var toAddress = Address.FromText("P2KKEjZK7AbcKZjuZMsWKKgEjNzeGtr2zBiV7qYJHxNXvUa");
    ScriptBuilder sb = new ScriptBuilder();
    var script = sb.
        CallContract("stake", "getStake", toAddress).
    var scriptEncoded = Base16.Encode(script);
    StartCoroutine(api.InvokeRawScript("main", scriptEncoded, scriptResult =>

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