🚠Run the Docker Node

Dive into the specifics of getting the chain up and running on your machine!

Dev Tip: Just running the docker container it's easier and simple if you just want to get you local node running.


  1. Have Docker installed.

Install & Run

Let's get it to run.

  1. Open the terminal & type docker pull phantasmachain/phantasma-devnet

  2. Now depending on if you have the docker application or not, you can use this command to start it up by

    docker run --name phantasma-devnet -tid -p 5102:5102 -p 5101:5101 -p 5103:5103 -p 5104:5104 -p 26057:26057 phantasmachain/phantasma-devnet
  3. Or by going to the Docker Application, do the following steps

Docker Application

Inside the Docker Desktop, after building the docker image, go to Images

On Images, selected the desired image and Run

Configure the docker container with an identical configuration

Now you'll have your chain instance running!

Check that everything is working

To check if everything is working

How can I check that it's live?

Go to this url

If it returns something like this, it should be working!

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