🛠️Phantasma SDK's

One of the many challenges that blockchain developers face today is lack of tools, documentation and software development kits. In order for this technology to go mainstream, we need to have the resources to help onboard as many developers as we can. We believe that building a blockchain isn't enough, but we need to make Phantasma the most developer friendly blockchain out there - and that's why we created our Phantasma SDKs!

Important: One class that is used across all SDK's is the ScriptBuilder, this class allows you to create a step by step interaction on the chain. This class is really important for the interactions!

📝pagePhantasma ScriptBuilder Class Documentation

External Calls

Note: ExtCalls or InteropCalls or Internal Operations are ways to interact with the chain, this is very usefully when creating a script to call the chain with the ScriptBuilder

pageExternal Calls

Supported Languages

  • C#

  • C++

  • Golang

  • JavaScript

  • Typescript

  • Java

  • PHP

  • Python

To develop dApps on Phantasma, it is recommended to run a Phantasma node locally. Use either the pre-compiled build of Node using docker which comes bundled in the official SDK release or compile yourself from the source available in the official repository.

Core API

spaceC# SDK

Web API (JS / TS)

spaceTypescript / Javascript SDK






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