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Where should you start? Are you here for the smart contract or something else?

Your own Node

For development porpuses it's best to have your local chain, so you can test everything before going live with your smart contract


Smart contract Development

Are you looking for creating your own smart contract?

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Phantasma Hub

Phantasma Hub is an all-in-one blockchain toolkit designed for the Phantasma chain. It provides a suite of tools allowing users to interact with smart contracts, conduct airdrops, and participate in Consensus Polls where their votes directly influence network decisions. Additionally, it supports multi-signature transactions, enhancing security and control. The platform is a robust solution for seamless and secure engagement with the Phantasma ecosystem.

Connecting to the Chain (API's)

It depends on what type of application you're trying to do, and what language you're using.

Testnet URLs

In this section you can see all of the important URLs for the testnet, this useful if you're a new developer and want to mess arround


Testnet Explorer

Testnet Primary API URL

Testnet Secondary ( 1 / 3 )

Testnet Secondary ( 2 / 3 )

Testnet Secondary ( 3 / 3 )

Phantasma SDK's

Explore our wide selection of Phantasma blockchain SDKs available for platforms like Unity, Typescript, and C++. These tools empower you to innovate and integrate with the Phantasma ecosystem, irrespective of your preferred development environment. Click to unleash the potential of decentralized technology.

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