All core chain functionality except smart contract and token deployment charges the user a very low fee of around 0.003–0.005 KCAL, and these values can be adjusted through governance proposals. 50% of every transaction fee is burned, 25% is distributed to block producers and the remaining 25% is distributed to the CROWN reward pool unless the dApp being interacted with requires this portion to be sent to the dApp provider

Smart contract and token deployment comes at an increased cost, pegged to a fiat value by Phantasma’s native oracles. A developer who wishes to deploy a smart contract for his dApp pays a fee of $10 in its KCAL equivalent. The full amount of KCAL is immediately burned on contract deployment.

For a project building on top of Phantasma that needs its own token, a fee of $100 in its KCAL equivalent is charged on token creation — also this 100% burned. The same applies to artists and others who wish to deploy their own NFT minting smart contract to be able to mint $ARTISTNAME NFTs instead of the default $GHOST NFTs native to GhostMarket.

dApp providers may charge additional fees for using their products, such as GhostMarket and uMint's KCAL fees for creating NFTs.

For the full details, please refer to this article on the Phantasma Token Economy.

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