Dual Token System

Single token systems suffer from an unsolvable problem: Using the ecosystem drains your ownership share of the token supply. You decrease your influence on the evolution of the chain or project the more you use it. A dual token system allows us to escape this flawed design by separating the governance and fuel tokens.

Earning fuel tokens through staking the governance token allows anyone to use the ecosystem without suffering decreasing influence β€” and that is why we all earn KCAL by staking SOUL. It also allows anyone to opt to acquire the fuel token only if they have no desire to influence the future of the ecosystem, but simply want to play that amazing game or send some NFTs to their friends.

SOUL is the governance token of the Phantasma blockchain, and the evolution of Phantasma is driven by the SOUL holders. SOUL holders earn voting rights, storage allocations on Phantasma's decentralized storage solution, KCAL through staking SOUL, allows you to claim your on-chain wallet name and quarterly CROWNs if you stake more than 50,000 SOUL.

KCAL fuels everything in the Phantasma ecosystem, and is needed for every single type of transaction on the blockchain, giving it a wide range of use cases. In short, anything that happens on the Phantasma blockchain consumes KCAL, and everything that happens on the Phantasma blockchain burns KCAL; Transactions, staking, unstaking, claiming KCAL, cross chain swap transactions, cosmic swaps between native Phantasma assets, minting non-fungible tokens, deploying smart contracts, deploying new tokens and more.

For the full details, please refer to this article on the Phantasma Token Economy.

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